A unique restaurant for people who like to be surprised and aren't difficult eaters. We are no restaurant for quick, big or difficult eaters. You can enjoy sophisticated and exiting dishes the entire evening in a loose and dynamic atmosphere accompanied by daring Champagnes or Alcoholfree juices.



Share our passion for wines and dishes with our tasting of half glasses if wine accompanying each course, in which we love to let you experience the possibilities offered by different grapes, countries, styles and combinations. All made with respect for nature, people and product.

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Taste different Champagnes in our famous tasting aperitive with surprising, different styles. Or let us surprise you with the largest collection of Champagnes in The Netherlands! Share your preferences with us and we will find the right Champagne for you, in that moment.

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Over Floris Versluijs

Floris Versluijs

My style has identity, is creative, technical, pure, concentrated and transparant. I'm cooking clean, honest and in respect of nature.


I use all my senses and am cooking my own (r)evolution